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Suburban 2009

Mailbox Front

Mailbox Back

Fender Dent

Bumper Scratch

Skid Marks Dirt

Skid Marks Sidewalk

Mustang Overview

Mustang Front Left

Mustang Front Side

Mustang Right

Mustang Scratch Rear

Mustang Scratch Fender

Mustang Scratch Front

On the morning of July 16, I came out of the house to go to work and thought I saw something stuffed in our mailbox. No, it was our mailbox wrapped around our fence post. “Great, “ I thought, “Another project.” It could have been worse. They could have hit a car. As I walked from the mailbox to the Guppy (a Geo Metro) to go to work, I noticed our Suburban wasn’t straight in the driveway and I thought I left it. Upon further examination, it had been pushed 42” laterally. I then noticed a dent on the front fender and damage to the bumper and grill.

Betty called the Sheriff’s department, but they don’t investigate these things. It’s the Highway Patrol. Betty called them and they don’t come out to take a report. We had to file online. We did and took pictures. We also figured we’d have to pay the deductible to get the ‘Burb fixed.

Early in the afternoon, there was a knock on the door and a man told Betty that his daughter had hit our car last night and didn’t want to be ticketed for a hit and run and was very sorry. While Betty was talking the girl came to the door and apologized profusely. She was just so scared, that she panicked and went home. In the morning, she wanted to come and explain. We were shocked, but very grateful. They gave us their insurance information and the ‘Burb is fixed.

When the dad came by the next day with our new mailbox, I asked what happened. His daughter was showing off and spun on some gravel. She hit the ‘Burb in the left front wheel and that caused her car to slide a little more into the driveway. When she backed out to leave, her car then smashed our mailbox, put a deep scratch in her car from the back to the front and knocked off the right front mirror.

Here are the pictures of the ‘Burb, her car and the mailbox. There was just over $2,000 of damage to the ‘Burb, but over $10,000 to her 2005 Mustang.

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