All photos © Steve Reinke



Blizzard Pictures

Ah, the great blizzard of ‘06. It wasn’t much of a real blizzard, at least from South Dakota standards, but it was enough to close most places in Colorado Springs. I have included a few “after” pictures to show you the contrast by Sunday. The blizzard hit on Thursday, October 26, 2006 and what it looked like on Sunday, October 29.

Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Snow - Front Yard 1

Snow - Front Yard 2

Snow - Car

Snow - Suburban

No Snow - Surbuban

Snow - Tree Banch 3

Snow - BMW

No Snow - BMW

Snow - Back Fence

Snow - Trash Cans

Snow - Plants

Snow - Grill and Furniture

Snow - Back Porch1

No Snow - Backyard 1

Snow - Back Porch 2

Snow - Backyard Stuff

No Snow - Backyard Stuff

Snow - Backyard

No Snow - Backyard 2

Snow - Tree Branch 1

Snow - Tree Branch 2

Snow - Tree

Snow - Backyard Trees

Snow - Roof

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