All photos © Steve Reinke



North Carolina (2005)

I separated the pictures between our visit with our friends, our excursion to the Outer Banks and our visit with Betty’s cousins. My mother wanted to visit my sister in Rogers, Arkansas (just north of Bentonville). Betty said she would like to go and take her and then said, “Since we were “almost” to North Carolina, we could visit our friends in Selma.” Almost there... Yeah right. Arkansas was only a third of the way there. Still we had a great trip.

We left for North Carolina just before Labor Day. We dropped my mother of with my sister by Bentonville and then went on to North Carolina. We returned in October. A short time later a friend of mine lost his wife because of cancer. We left here and went to California for the memorial service. While we were sad for Steve at the passing for his wife, Julie, the memorial service was a celebration of her going home to be with the Lord.

The upshot of all this, is that in 5 weeks we drove from our house to the Atlantic, back and then to the Pacific and back. These are pictures of our trip to North Carolina in 2005 and I’ve split them into our visit with our friends, the trip to the Outer Banks and then with Betty’s cousins (Wrampe Family).

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